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Listing Photos: It’s a Team Effort!

As they say “A picture is worth a thousand words” and you want those words to be “I want to BUY that house”. Or, at the very least, “I’d like my agent to show me that house”. The photos get em in or the photos keep em away.

When I take a listing the first thing I do is prepare the seller for the listing photos. The listing photos are our first impression to potential buyers and my goal is to make them as impressive and inviting as possible. I like to include 25 to 30 photos with the listing, and find I need to take twice that amount to get just the right shots.

The main points I like to get across in my photos are:

• Plenty of counter space in both kitchen and bath(s);
• Highlight the major selling features of the home i.e. hardwood floors, fireplace, formal dining room…; and
• Lots of natural light.

What will really help me out is if you can have some things done before I get there:

• Kitchen and bath(s) clean and beds made;
• Kitchen and bath counters clear and as empty as possible. We want to show off as much counter space as possible; and
• As few, if any, knickknacks/photos out as possible. We don’t want them distracting away from the real selling features of the home.

I tend to move things around and rearrange furniture while I take the photos so don’t be alarmed! You can just sit back and relax – until I move you out of my shot.

I’m always hoping for a nice sunny day so as to get a beautiful shot of the front of your home. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll shoot what I can and then return on a nicer day.

Yes, it’s time consuming for both us of, but we’re both working towards the same goal: Getting Your Home Sold!



I love being a Realtor!  Never a dull day.  Sometimes it’s fun, exciting, entertaining.  Sometimes it’s stressful, frustrating, discouraging.  Sometimes it’s heartwarming and sometimes heartbreaking.     

I’ve comforted a client who found her mother dead in the shower of her childhood home. 

I’ve legally shown a property, despite the threats of a tenant, only to have her report me as a “burglary in process”.  Nothing kills a deal like a half a dozen deputies with guns trained on you and your client.  Good times.

I’ve sold the home of an excited couple who were just four short years from retirement.  Less than 3 months later I attended the wife’s funeral.   

I’ve shown property that had 3 different types of hot sauce bottles on the nightstand.  Another with a life sized mannequin wearing something Fredericks of Hollywood.  And another with a see-through sauna in full view of the dining room.   

I’ve had the owner of a competing neighborhood sales listing put ours on Craig’s List as a rental, for a fraction of market rental value, with the instructions to “go direct and knock on door.”

I’ve made beds, washed dishes, cleaned up dog, cat and rabbit poop. 

I’ve done battle with power hungry HOA’s, questionable city inspectors and hostile neighbors. 

Oh!  And I’ve turned down a threesome!

Not gonna lie, I’ve seen some crazy crap!!

And, yeah, I’ve hidden the porn.